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DOWNLOAD MP3: Izzo Bizness & Abela – Me & You - MICHEZO NA BURUDANI BLOG

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Izzo Bizness & Abela – Me & You

The Amazing ( Izzo Bizness & Abela) – Me & You

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The Amazing Music Crew releases their new Love song today and it’s available here. The song dubbed ‘Me & You’ which composed by both ‘Izzo Bizness & Abela Music’.
‘Me & You’ is an emotional love song in which ‘Izoo Bizness & Abela’ used to express their Love Feeling to each other. Hope this will touch the feeling of every body who is in relationship.
Sometimes songs used to express what you feel at a time, So you can use the song ‘Me & You’ as a dedication to your Love mates.