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Download Audio: Ruby ft The Mafik – Niwaze - MICHEZO NA BURUDANI BLOG

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Download Audio: Ruby ft The Mafik – Niwaze

Ruby ft The Mafik – Niwaze

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‘Ruby’ is back again with a new song christen ‘Niwaze’. This time She joins forces with the finest music crew in town ‘The Mafik’. The group also debut their new song just after this releases.
‘Niwaze’ is a Love ballad in which the first lady ‘Ruby’ express her romantic feelings on a kind of a guy She can fall in Love with. But ‘The Mafik’ reveal their life ststus which is quite different from ‘Ruby’s desire.!
‘Niwaze’ audio produced by ‘Yogo Beats’ in Dar es salaam. Keep on visiting your lovely website for many music updates.